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Pelvic Floor Therapy

Do you suffer from urinary incontinence? At South Miami OB-GYN we offer, FemiScan, a cutting-edge pelvic floor muscle therapy solution for those suffering from urinary incontinence.

About FemiScan

FemiScan is a natural form of pelvic floor muscle therapy that combines a user-friendly clinical system and software for comprehensive pelvic floor muscle assessment. FemiScan uses surface electromyogram (EMG) signals including the most sophisticated, interactive home trainer devices, to assure maximum effectiveness for natural individualized treatment of urinary incontinence and superior patient motivation.

Why FemiScan?

  • Improve your pelvic floor muscle tone
  • Treat stress urinary incontinence
  • Treat mixed – stress and urge urinary incontinence
  • Improve your confidence & sex life
  • No surgery or medication necessary
  • No harmful side effects

Contact your provider to learn more about FemiScan and find out if the treatment is right for you.

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