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The providers at South Miami OB/GYN Associates in South Miami, Florida expect and even encourage expectant moms to ask questions, even hundreds of questions, during this amazing time in their life. They designed their prenatal program around the needs of their patients and provide outstanding medical care mixed with a clear awareness of your needs during and after your pregnancy. Give the office a call today or schedule a visit via our convenient online service.

Obstetrics Q & A

What can I expect during an office visit?

The health care team at South Miami OB/GYN Associates makes it their mission to get to know their patients and help you feel as confident as possible during and after your pregnancy. They understand that your life goes through some staggering changes during pregnancy. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with your doctor one-on-one to discuss your questions, needs, and preferences for your pregnancy and delivery. The providers have privileges at South Miami Hospital.

You can also expect a thorough examination and lab work to check on routine health matters that are especially important during pregnancy, such as your blood sugar level. There is a dedicated obstetrics coordinator on staff who offers personalized counseling and helps facilitate services throughout your pregnancy.  

How often will I see a doctor?

Schedules may vary according to your individual needs and circumstances, but the doctor generally sees you once a month throughout the first trimester and then with increasing frequency as your due date approaches. You’ll likely be a weekly visitor to the office during the final weeks of your pregnancy.

It’s important that you keep every appointment so that your doctor can closely track your blood pressure, lab studies, and other factors important to your physical and emotional wellbeing. South Miami OB/GYN Associates also provides ultrasounds, including high-definition 3D studies that are necessary for checking on the growth pattern of your baby.

What about childbirth classes?

The dedicated team at South Miami OB/GYN Associates cares strongly about the physical health of you and your baby, as well as your peace of mind. There are numerous informative articles available on the website that cover everything from nutrition and exercise during pregnancy to how to prepare for twins. They also provide childbirth classes focused on education and support with the intent of relieving your pregnancy worries by learning what to expect during pregnancy and beyond.

Childbirth class topics include:

  • Signs of labor
  • Normal progression of labor and birth
  • Techniques for coping with pain
  • How your partner can help during labor
  • When to call your doctor
  • Caring for your newborn, including breastfeeding basics

Classes are taught by Jennifer McNally, ARNP and Kathleen Fitzgerald-Muñoz, ARNP. Classes are typically on Tuesday evenings, and the fee is $80 per couple. Call the office to reserve your spot in a class and to verify the current schedule.

Major Insurance Plans Accepted

At South Miami OB/GYN Associates, we accept most major insurance plans. Here is a short-list of just some of the most popular plans we accept and click here for the full list. We do not accept insurance for cosmetic procedures. Please contact our office if you do not see your insurance provider listed.

We do not accept insurance for cosmetic procedures such as Vaginal Rejuvenation

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